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“Sawruv has been absolutely fantastic. He has helped me figure out how to market my product and services effectively, and how to find product market fit. He's just been an absolute wealth of information and support.”

Harris Fanaroff, Founder of Activate Onboarding

“Sawruv has been instrumental in our journey to helping us really strategize with talking to Vs, securing investors, and being able to help with certain areas of product development, and also just overall the overall business strategy.”

Devin Blitzer, Founder & CEO of ECO Planetary

“It was great, indeed. Sometimes, when you are stuck, it is good to go back to basics. I would recommend anyone launching and growing a business to get in touch with you. So good advice at every step. Thanks!”

Marcos Gorgojo, Founder & CEO of The Faculty Club

“Thanks for the course, very clear and helpful and moved at a great pace.”

Melissa Regan

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the course! (don't skip!)

    1. Understanding Market Trends Around Your Problem

    2. Asking Questions To Build Deep Market Knowledge

    3. Using ChatGPT To Create An Initial ICP

    4. Defining Your Ideal Customer Profile

    5. Talking to Customers to Validate Your Hypothesis

    6. Using The Persistent Growth & Strategy Tracker

    1. What Makes A Strong Go-To-Market

    2. Go-To-Market: Strategy vs. Tactics

    3. Building A Strategic Narrative

    4. Crafting The Hero's Journey

    5. Using The Strategic Narrative Template

    6. Assemble The Magnet Pitch

    7. Build A Killer Value Proposition

    8. Create A Go To Market (GTM) Funnel

    9. Drive Customers Into Your GTM Funnel Using Inbound

    10. Persistent Broadcast Framework For Inbound Lead Generation

    11. Attracting Attention With High Quality Social Media Posts

    12. Generating Leads with High Performing Landing Pages

    1. Top 10 Product Mistakes

    2. Product vs. Engineering

    3. Core Product Loop

    4. How To Start Building Your Product

    5. Product Engineering Guidelines

    6. 3 Phases of A Product Launch

    7. Product & Feature Launch Guidelines

    1. Do You Need A Co-Founder?

    2. How To Split Equity for Different Roles

    3. Rules Of Thumb for Hiring

    4. How To Interview & Hire A Players

    5. Traits Of A Great Startup Employee

    6. What To Do When A Star Employee Quits

    7. When & How To Terminate An Employee

    1. How To Manage Your Team Using The Coaching Habit

    2. My Leadership Playbook - How To Grow From Founder to CEO

    3. My Favorite Management Resource For First Time Founders

    4. How To Plan & Execute A Strategy

    5. How To Measure & Track Goals Using OKRs

    6. How To Use A Weekly All Hands To Align & Motivate The Team

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